We are proud of our extensive refurbishment capabilities

Our Remanufacturing Solutions

Our remanufacturing facility is one of the largest in Europe

Cradle to cradle sustainable remanufacturing covering an extensive range of equipment.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to remanufacture all types of equipment and accommodate any unique customisation service requirements.

Accustomed to serving a wide range of industries and sectors, including Vending, HoReCa, Espresso, IT, refrigeration, and catering.

Our Remanufacturing

  • Bespoke specification re-builds
  • Complete equipment refurbishment, including bodywork and painting
  • Testing, upgrades, and customisation
  • Branding fitting and renewal
  • Comprehensive cleaning and testing
  • Assessments
  • Pre-delivery inspections

Sustainability – Cradle to Cradle

From an environmental perspective, remanufacturing is pivotal to ensuring the most efficient use of resources by keeping machines and their embodied components in use for longer.

We are able to achieve significant reductions in energy use and the emissions of both CO2, and other greenhouse gases.

The remanufacturing of equipment can save up to 60% of the cost of a new equivalent. Saving over 75% of the energy required to manufacture a machine from new.


In addition, for our customers we can hold a variety of their pre remanufactured, ready-to-go ‘Buffer Stock’ of equipment. Ideal for customers seeking an efficient and fast route to market.

Efficiencies with Technology

Our technology is best-in-class, it’s the product of years and years of honing our operational practices.

RBC Group’s highly-skilled engineers are armed with tablets that offer an extensive variety of information. This includes step-by-step workflows that are specifically designed for each individual client.

The software that we have developed allows us to track machines throughout the complete remanufacturing cycle.

This utility allows us to offer clients a detailed report of the product’s history, including delivery and uplift information from the path, and a comprehensive breakdown of any components used and the attendant costs.