iVend Hygiene Stations installed in Woking Shopping Centre

The pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we live and work.

In order to ensure customers can easily adhere to public health guidance our iVend Hygiene Stations are at hand.

We are delighted to see our cutting-edge iVend Hygiene Stations, installed in their new home at Woking Shopping Centre in Surrey. 

Using iVend Hygiene Station at Woking Shopping
iVend Hygiene Station Woking Shopping

Our Vended Product Range

Our iVend Hygiene Stations provide access to face masks, gloves, hand sanitisers, antibacterial wipes, and more.

  • Dynamic 43-inch LCD touchscreen displays an unparalleled product platform which can be completely customised.
  • Ideal for customer communication and engaging marketing campaigns.
  • Cloud-based software platform from Vendsmart.
  • Works cohesively with real-time telemetry to offer remote management, complete oversight and precise control of inventory, and unmatched analytics. 
  • Industry-leading P66 payment terminal from Payter enables touch-free payment via contactless cards, Apple Pay, and Google Play. 

Our iVend Hygiene Station has harnessed the latest advancements in technology to guarantee unrivalled capability.

Ideal for a wide variety of environments — including retail, hospitality, and leisure. 

iVend Hygiene Station
VendSmart Tech Box

Would you like to Partner with us?

We’re looking for partners across the UK to ensure we can offer customers an efficient guard in the uncertain months ahead. 

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